“Thanks” Tiny Desk Submission 2019



X.Y. Spaces is an American Heavy Metal / Post-Hardcore band from Decatur, AL. They are know for they energetic live shows, often featuring comedic skits. As of 2019, they have released 3 EPs, 2 Full-Length Records, and are currently in the studio.

X.Y. Spaces formed in North Alabama in 2011, as a punk rock group. They quickly gained attention thanks to the frenetic energy of front-man Brady Lett. They soon began incorporating elements of southern rock, heavy metal, & post-hardcore. Today, X.Y. Spaces is notable for their progressive songwriting, and their comedic stage presence. In 2017 they released their impressive, sophomore album The Conductor's Fatal Bow. This was their first concept album, which dove into the life of a performer.

X.Y. Spaces is actively touring in preparation for the release of their next record “Thanks” in Summer 2019.

Brady Lett - Vocals

Jonathan Ransom - Guitar

Alex Hames - Drums

Heath Brister - Bass