Making of 'Thanks'

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It started with a joke.

Wouldn’t it be funny if a heavy band, like X.Y. Spaces did one of those NPR Tiny Desk Contest submissions. Not to explain the joke but those submissions, and even winners, have been almost exclusively powerful soul-singers and hipsters with ukuleles.

The original plan was to use our Mega-Desk, which we built for the podcast, but then came along Second Read Books. And the possibility of having a heavy band, like X.Y. Spaces do ‘one of those NPR Tiny Desk Contest submissions’ in the back of a used-bookstore, was too good to pass up.

“We knew we wouldn’t win the NPR Tiny Desk Contest…”

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That’s when we got serious. We recruited Chris Wilson (Quick and Dirty Recordings) to help with audio and video editing. Then we asked Dan Busey (Dan Busey Photography) to be our cinematographer. I appointed myself director and we jumped into action. We borrowed the key to Second Read Books and let ourselves in on a quiet Sunday morning. We used a combination of borrowed mics, our mics, and Chris’ mics to set up all of our audio. Brady and I worked on where he would be walking.

The final video was our 7th take. Since it was one long camera shot, any tiny mistake would force us to start from the beginning. At times it was Brady error, other times it was the camera, and a few times they just weren’t good enough. But we knew we had it when we saw the final take.

We knew we wouldn’t win the NPR Tiny Desk Contest, but it was worth it all the same. Like we said on the set, ‘no matter what, at the end of this we will have a video’. The whole process was a lot of fun and what we realized from the process was that we could be doing so much more.

So be expecting more exciting videos from us this summer.

Pictured from left to right: Dan, Chris, Daniel, Brady, Jonathan, Heath, & Alex.

Photo Credit Dan Busey