Frequently Asked Questions



  • For your convenience, we try to maintain flexibility. With enough notice, Daniel or Jonathan can do interviews at any time.

Time Zone

  • We are in Central Time Zone.

How will it work

  • After we have scheduled a time for the interview we will decided on the method that works best for you.

    If you have the equipment, we prefer to have you record your own audio and the send us the unedited .WAV file. We will sync the audio after our interview.

    If that is an inconvenience or isn’t an option, we can have you call into the show. We have used Skype, Discord, Facebook Audio, & regular phone calls.

    Let us know what option is best for you!


  • We post a link to the episode on our Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter accounts & will tag you, if applicable. Occasionally we will make videos with audio excepts to share. We encourage you to share them as well but it’s not required.