[Episode 70] Hey Hey Mr Mackey!

This week the boys are talking books, Moby Dick, and Katy Perry’s lawsuit. We drag Juicy J, who we did not know was in Three 6 Mafia (whoops). There’s a discussion about the energy of live rap shows vs live rock shows.

Then we have a new segment “B Tracks You Vibed with from Popular Albums”

Music this week from Mastodon, Katy Perry, Flame, The Dirty Nil, Taylor Swift, Outkast, and Kendrick Lamar

[Episode 67] I Don't Care About My Birthday, I'm Not Going!

The boys are back. This week we are talking video games. How hard it is to quit Fortnite and how no one can beat Brady at Super Smash Bros. Jonathan is not a gamer but he is a bully. Plus Luxury RV videos and vegan pasta sauce.

In the second half we talk about ‘Check In Album”, albums we listen to once in a blue moon to make sure they are still there. Also, an insightful conversation about the difference between Hardcore shows versus other types of DIY shows.

Music this week from Potatohead People, Muse, Soundgarden, Slint, The Strokes, Silver Fern

[Episode 66] #BigSmood

How big is an acre. This is the kind of Big Smood thing we discuss on this weeks episode. Also, finding treasures in the woods or corpses in the Titanic. Then we play a game. Can you tell apart the soundtracks of Shadow the Hedgehog and Metal Gear Rising Revengeance.

This week we discuss punk bands that end up on easy listening radio.

Music this week from Potatohead People, Blondie, Jimmy Eat World, Green Day, Nirvana.