[Episode 24] A Mouthful with Dan Meyer

The gang welcomes world renowned, sword swallower, Dan Meyer, for a fascinating interview. We talk about Dan's intro to sword swallowing and the past and future of sword swallowing.

Also we talk about the new Between the Buried and Me album. Then an epic Battle of the Worst between Limp Biskit and Godsmack!

Ever want to face your fears, become a superhero and do the impossible? 

As humans, we're hard-wired to fear what scare us – to freeze, flee or fight in the face of danger. But can we conquer our fears and even use them to help us do the impossible?

Dan Meyer believes no matter how extreme our fears or how wild our dreams, we can each overcome our fears and use them to become superheroes, do the impossible, and even change the world. 

In our unique interview, Sword Swallower Dan Meyer takes us on his journey from extreme fears to extreme feats, wimp to world record holder, loser to Ig Nobel Prize winner, and quitter to finalist on America's Got Talent. 

Dan explains how he overcame a childhood of extreme fears, social anxiety disorder and bullying to perform superhuman feats, win the Ig Nobel Prize in Medicine at Harvard, become a finalist on America's Got Talent, and 40x world record holder and world's leading expert in one of the world's oldest and most dangerous arts - sword swallowing - and passionate about inspiring people to do the impossible in THEIR lives.

In this interview, Dan reveals the secrets behind the science in the ancient art of sword swallowing and he describes his quest to conquer fear, failure and the boundaries of the human body to perform superhuman feats, do the impossible and change the world. 

Dan shares his secrets for doing the impossible and how you can cut through fear to do the impossible in YOUR life.

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